Snow White & The Huntsman: The Review

By Courtney Bason.

Snow White and the Huntsman is a remake of the classic tale Snow White, it has all the basics of the well known fairytale, like the magic mirror and the poisoned apple, but it has some exciting twists and turns added.

It has added a new level to princesses, where instead of being the typical ‘damsel in distress’ they are courageous and brave.

The plot revolves around the Huntsman who after being told to bring Snow White to the Queen so she can take her heart, instead becomes her protector.

I enjoyed it and would definitely reccomend it to anyone who is thinking of going to see it, the film builds the tension excellently and also manages to remain unpredictable and exciting.

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Snow White, the princess in the fairytale. Charlize Theron plays Queen Ravenna and gives the role a dark edge. Chris Hemsworth plays the role of the Huntsman, he give a very believable performance combining the dark and mysterious with the typical fairytale prince brilliantly. Sam Claflin plays one of the main characters as William, Snow White’s childhood friend.

Very much like Twilight and The Hunger Games this film has a love triangle between Snow White, The Huntsman and William and should appeal to the young teen audience.

The scenery and effects fit the mood of the movie perfectly and you feel like the fairytale world is a real living place.

Although this film has many good points in other areas it’s also a bit of a let-down, some of the story left me slightly disappointed but I can’t say too much as I’d spoil it for you. If you’re a fan of Kristen Stewart and twisted fairytales then this film could be a big hit but just don’t expect another Twilight.


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